Run This Town

October 30th, 2009

resizedIf I could run the marathon right this second, I would.

Sunday marks my tenth New York City Marathon in a row (and my eleventh overall). For the last four years, I've run with Abbi. I love running with her (though I'm not sure she'd always say the same about me). Our pace is governed by the collective; if she's wiped, I slow down and vice versa (and trust me, it's gone both ways).

This year, though, I'm running solo. I'm racing myself. My goal is to beat my 2002 personal best of 3:56:24. That means running 9:00 miles. Not ...

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The Day I Almost Ran A Marathon (By Accident)

September 7th, 2009

resizedWith all the glass, concrete and stone, it's easy to forget just how much water there is in and around New York City.

The City's total area is roughly 470 square miles, some 165 of which is water. From the Hudson and East Rivers to Flushing and Jamaica Bays, there are over a 1,000 miles of shoreline criss-crossed by some sixty bridges.

There are few more dramatic vistas than sun, sea and sky, which means that this great, big city is full of opportunity. One bridge in particular held my interest: The Triboro. It's not much to drive ...

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Rockaway Beach Or Bust

August 10th, 2009

resizedI've lived in New York City for nearly fifteen years, but have only recently begun to gain some sense of its true cultural and geographical diversity.

Once again, I spent Sunday morning running the city. Last week, my goal was Hell's Kitchen to Coney Island. This week, it was Rockaway Beach or bust. Our friends, Rene and Marlyn had invited Chris, Meg, Abbi and I to join them for an afternoon of sun, and sand and salsa. The goal, then, was to jog some eighteen miles through Manhattan and Queens to their apartment where Chris, Meg and ...

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Coney Island Or Bust

August 2nd, 2009

resizedAs the crow flies, Coney Island is a mere fourteen miles from Midtown Manhattan. Unfortunately, I am neither a crow, nor do I fly.

Last Monday morning, NY1's Pat Kiernan forecasted Sunday as a "perfect beach day." Which is when I hatched my plan to run to Coney Island, meet Abbi there, and spend the afternoon lounging in the sun and exploring Brighton Beach.

I spent all weekend preparing, which is to say, I didn't do anything at all but sit around carbo-loading and drinking lots of water. I was in bed by nine last night, and up this ...

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Run, Part II (Or, Know Your Enemy)

May 12th, 2009

resizedWho needs the self help section at Barnes & Noble? I have an iPod.

I don't need to tell you that last week was a motherf*cker. I'm sure I'm not alone in that. Ask John Edwards, Manny Ramirez, or Allison Iraheta. They all had tough weeks. Heck, ask anyone on Earth these days: economic meltdown, unemployment, foreclosure, global warming, war, famine -- I could go on.

For me, it was the constant (not for attribution, repetition or attribution) barrage of workplace b.s.: knuckleheaded oversight, missed opportunities, fiscal ...

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The Ironman

April 9th, 2009

resized"I'm crazy," Dr. Klion says. "I jogged in from West Chester this morning."


"Yeah, I'm doing the Grand Canyon Rim To Rim in five weeks. 46-miles, five-thousand feet up and down, then back again."

Now, the whole reason I go Dr. Mark Klion is because he's the best kind of crazy. The walls of his Upper East Side office make it plain. There are just two frames on the wall: one of the Good Doctor crossing the Ironman Kona finish line in 11:12:51 with his daughter on his shoulders, and a smile ear-to-ear; and a D.C. Marathon ...

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Do Or Do Not (It Wasn’t A Tri)

April 6th, 2009

resizedAh, the coveted sixty-fourth percentile.

Let me be frank: I was neither properly prepared, nor properly trained for Sunday morning's race. Heck, I wasn't even properly rested. I'll chalk some of it to the length of the event (a 2.1M run, 10M ride, and 2.1M run don't quite constitute The New York City Marathon type preparation), and some to hubris.

Whatever the case, I was out 'til nearly midnight the night before during which time -- yes -- I had at least one (possibly three) Brooklyn Lagers; all the better (I reasoned) to complete ...

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2009 Miami Marathon (Or, Pull The Sunlight Through Me)

January 27th, 2009

resizedThe last time I was on Miami's Brickell Avenue Bridge, it was midnight.

Hurricane Katrina was lashing the city with crushing wind and stinging rain. Nonetheless, my Video Music Award colleagues and I thought it a lark to stand defiantly mid-span, leaning into the gale drunk like teenagers.

Some five years later, I was mid-span again. This time, though, a different sort of storm raged: a twenty-fifth mile, endorphin-fueled battle between running and stopping, accelerating and collapsing, laughing and weeping.

My road back to ...

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Run (Into The Arms Of America)

January 19th, 2009

resizedI love this country, though I wouldn't call myself patriotic.

I remember first appreciating the massive scope of the American landscape as I drove from Philadelphia to San Diego in college.

The four-week, 8553-mile road trip saw me traverse the Mississippi, Ohio, Colorado, and Rio Grande rivers. I camped in the Buffalo Wilderness, the Badlands, and the Virgin River Valley. I climbed Mount Ajax, and swam off Coronado. I spent hours on the road passing less people in two hours than I see in two blocks in New York City.

The very ...

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Five Boroughs In 4:25:01

November 3rd, 2008

resizedI don't care if I ingest another PowerGel for as long as I live. Or Gatorade. Or Cliff Bar. Heck, I could even go without Gummy Bears (at least for a few weeks).

Yesterday was my ninth New York City Marathon. Over the course of all that running (1,194 miles in 113 races alone, to say nothing of training), I've developed a number of tactics to keep four hours of monotonous, concrete-pounding, bone-crushing, mind-boggling running manageable.

Accordingly, in an effort to a) beat last year's abominable 4:42:00 and b) finish alongside ...

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