Golden Globes! Golden Globes! Golden Globes!

January 11th, 2009

resizedJust watching the red carpet of the 66th Annual Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Golden Globe Awards stressed me out. T-minus four months until we're all up in the MTV Movie Awards, and seven until the Video Music Awards.

Tonight, though, I'm on the couch keeping on eye on MTV News' terrific online coverage, and NBC's middling effort on air.

If you've read my Oscar or Grammy live blogs, you know I'm not that funny. Still, here are some random notes...

8:01 - J Lo with the, "Momma's talkin', momma's talkin'!" Well ...

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Twenty-four Hours Of “Twilight”

November 8th, 2008

resizedThe red eye may be as close as we get to time travel. Without it, there's far less of a chance that I would have volunteered to fly to Los Angeles for twenty-four hours (well, 12 in the air, and 12 in L.A., anyway).

What would motivate such a trip at the end of a week that included my ninth New York City Marathon and twenty straight hours of election coverage? Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight."

At one point this summer, all four novels in Meyer's "Twilight" series topped USA Today's top seller's list. She's sold more than 17 million copies ...

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Sometimes I Wish I Was An Academic

November 6th, 2008

resizedJust days after graduating from Syracuse, I took two of my most beloved professors, Bob Gates and Tobias Wolff, to lunch to quiz them on the pros and cons of academia.

I loved college. I loved the lectures, the discussions, the reading and writing. I loved all the newness, excitement of ideas, and that sometimes my brain hurt. And I was pretty good at it (particularly in contrast to my fairly-average high school performance). So I thought it might be the life for me.

That is, until they both individually warned me that university ...

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Next News Now: New Business Model for News

October 30th, 2008

resizedLeft to my own devices, I would have fled the scene. In fact, if transparency is the hallmark of blogging, than I'll be honest: I did flee the scene.

Instead of networking over lunch at the City University of New York's New Business Model for News Conference last week, I took my salad at my own desk, then returned for breakout sessions.

See, the room was crowded with heavy hitters from NPR, BBC, AP, Reuters, News Corps, and The New York Times; academics from Harvard, Columbia and NYU; entrepreneurs from Now Public, Daylife and ...

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Debate Night In Hell’s Kitchen

October 3rd, 2008

resizedOnce again, it was debate night in Hell’s Kitchen.

And once again, Chris and Meg Abad hosted a viewing party of epic proportions.

We drank beers, ate nachos, and yelled at the TV screen. We gaffawed at CNN's silly graphics, played Palin Bingo, and chugged on a number of key phrases ("maverick," "reform," "change," etc.).

And we worried about the future of the country. (I said to Chris at one point, "Yunno, I didn't think anyone could top Bush's folksy, down-home, faux-authenticity schtick. Tonight, I stand ...

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The Electric City

March 16th, 2008

resizedGreetings from The Electric City.

I'm writing you tonight from Room 202 of the Lackawanna Station Hotel where, through the thin walls of my room, piped in Muzak like drones away like The Lawrence Welk Show.

The entire town has that feel, really: as if time forgot it sometime around 1957.

Truth is, it was more like 1946.

Scranton -- nestled in the Lackawanna River Valley just 120 north of Philadelphia and west of New York -- was born of the steel age. It's prosperity was kept aloft -- like the nearby cities of Wilkes-Barre, ...

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Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!

February 24th, 2008

resized Ok, so we've almost made it through Colossal Televised Event season. I live blogged Super Bowl XLII three weeks ago, and the Grammy Awards two weeks ago. Tonight: The Academy Awards.

7:53 - My head literally explodes as Tim Kash -- who's been navigating the Oscar Red Carpet minefield for nearly an hour straight on -- is handed Sumner Redstone, the venerable head of our little media conglomerate. I see my career flash in front of me as our scrappy little punk rock production is suddenly front-and-center with the Chairman of the ...

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Grammy! Grammy! Grammy!

February 10th, 2008

resized Last weekend, I live blogged Superbowl XLII. Tonight, I bring your The Grammys from the cozy confines of my office twenty-nine stories above Times Square.

8:00 - "It's Grammys 50th Birthday, and everyone's coming to the party." Nothing puts asses in seats like two minutes of black & white television.

8:02 - Ooouuuch, Alicia Keys is dueting with Frank Sinatra. Awful.

8:05 - Alicia Keys is now lecturing me on the meaning of Grammy. If I didn't have to watch this sh*t, I wouldn't.

8:06 - Carrie Underwood -- in a short shorts ...

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February 4th, 2008

resizedChris and Meg invited us to a Superbowl party at The Irish Rogue. I don't know much about football, but I sure like wings. Here are my notes from the most raucous affair.

6:15- Jordan Sparks. Fine singer. I like her well enough. Even if she's lip synching. But the whole cut to the troops thing? C'mon. Awful. And that military flyover at the end? What are we, Soviet Russia? Is it May Day? C'mon.

6:24- Wait, I thought kick-off was 6:18? We got here at 5:00. There's no way I'm making the fourth quarter.

6:25- Chris Abad ...

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Calling All Angels

February 9th, 2006

Another year, another award show... another award show I missed almost entirely.

I was fifteen feet from the Grammy red carpet (Heineken green, technically), but I didn't see one celebrity. I was one hundred feet from the big show, but I didn't see U2, Kanye, Kelly Clarkson -- nobody.

But I did work alongside some of the finest, most motivated and enthused young people in the business. Many of whom are working with me now, fifteen miles from the Staples center at MTV's Santa Monica offices.

Did I mention that it's two o'clock in


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