That Dust Cloud Disappears Without A Trace

September 25th, 2009

resizedYesterday morning at 11:27 I Tweeted, "Noon meeting. Two o'clock flight. Nine o'clock U2 show. Bets, anyone?"

At the time, I wouldn't have wagered even a gentleman's handshake; the communique derived from Overland Park, Kansas, some 1,201 miles west of Giant's Stadium.

Too many moving parts were in play, not the least of which an airplane. Worse, my noon meeting was over thirty miles south of KCI Airport. So I stacked the deck.

First, I booked a car service, and had the Towncar poised just steps from the corporate headquarters in ...

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Pretty Good Shape (For The Shape I’m In)

September 21st, 2009

resizedThe Abads are a force to be reckoned with.

Example. Last Saturday night, The Abads celebrated Chris' 31st birthday with a roucous night of Cranium (yes, the board game). I showed up from VMA rehearsals well after one o'clock. The shenanigans didn't wrap until just before five.

The next morning, Chris send an email to the assembled: "Thanks for the birthday hang; a mellow night with close friends was just what the doctor ordered."

Another example? Last year's Abadfest put me in Lenox Hill Hospital.

Still, Abbi and I loaded ...

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Moment Of Zen: Smith Point, Nantucket

September 8th, 2009

resizedI could hear the back-to-work buzz before I even stirred from the sheets this morning. Trucks slammed their way up Tenth Avenue. Cabs honked. Tires screeched.

There was an actual traffic jam stepping out of the elevator this morning. Blue blazers stumbled over dog walkers tripping over baby carriages. There was nearly a four-person pile up before we even hit the street.

By the time I made it to Times Square, I had to laugh; the place was teeming with suits, three times more than last Tuesday, all racing around like headless ants. ...

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The Miracle Of Showing Up, Part II

September 2nd, 2009

resizedYesterday afternoon, I raced uptown to a doctor's appointment on West 96th Street, tripping out of the cab some fifteen minutes late. It took me at least thirty seconds to realize the appointment was on 86th Street.

Just seventy-two hours shy of leaving Nantucket, then, I was plunged back into my nuance-free life: rush rush, blur blur, wake, sleep, wake. It's like being at sea for a month; terra firma is disorienting.

Worse, this waking life scarcely affords time for reflection or appreciation.

My office is a south-facing, Midtown ...

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Nantucket, Massachusetts (Summer 2009)

August 29th, 2009

The Delicate Art Of Doing Nothing At All

August 25th, 2009

resizedI'm sure there are many things to do on Nantucket Island.

There are galleries, shops and restaurants on the wharf.

There's a Nantucket Whaling Museum, Lifesaving Museum, Atheneum, Observatory and Aquarium.

The place is rife with historical destinations: Brant Point Lighthouse, Henry Coffin House, and the First Congregational Church (to name just a few).

To say nothing of the dozens of difficult-to-pronounce beaches: Cisco, Siasconset, Quidnet, Polpis, Wauwinet, Squam.

Left to my own devices, though, I tend to do very ...

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On Two Eternities

August 23rd, 2009

resizedTime is a funny thing.

This afternoon, Abbi and pointed the rental car east on Madaket Road towards town for all our favorite Nantucket things (Cape Cod Salt & Vinegar Chips, Whale's Tale Pale Ale, Bartlett Farm's Blueberry Pie). Nearing our turn near the old cemetery on on Milk Road, I said to her, "I know in my head that a year has passed, but I feel like I never left."

The scenery is unchanged. There are no traffic lights, no strip malls or fast food joints. My muscle memory guides me here. I am on autopilot, gliding over the ...

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A State Fair Romance

August 17th, 2009

resizedBy my count, I performed six sets in 24 hours of Iowa State Fair this weekend, each more rock 'n roll than the one prior. That said, I've never been one for arithmetic. And anyway, my abilities may not be the best; I am operating on one hour of sleep. And yes, a few beers are still finding their way out of my blood stream. Still.

Abbi and I arrived Des Moines late Friday, spotting the Technicolor ferris wheel as we descended through the sticky Iowa night. In the morning, we drove east across the great, flat midlands of Iowa to ...

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Iowa State Fair (Summer 2009)

August 17th, 2009

How I Lost My Wedding Ring At Rockaway Beach (And Still Had A Good Time)

August 11th, 2009

resizedI downed a quart of Gatorade, peeled off my sweaty running clothes, took a long, hot shower, and joined the revelry.

It was barely noon but already Abbi, Chris, Meg, Renee and Marlyn were getting their party on. And why not? The sun was breaking through the clouds, and the Atlantic Ocean was just a few feet away.

We convoyed down to the beach loaded to bear: a cooler full of ice, beer and pre-mixed vodka cocktails, chips and salsa, sliced fruit, folding chairs, towels, bocce balls, a frisbee, and a basketball. We set up shop just ...

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