That’s The Way It Is

These days, Benjamin Wagner is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter in Saratoga Springs trying to make a name for himself with his debut CD “Bloom.” But when he attended college four years ago, Wagner wanted to be “the next Walter Cronkite.” “No shit,” Wagner muses. “That’s what I wrote on my college application to Northwestern — which…
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New Albums Spring Up

Last week, Soundcheck heralded the arrival of spring with a story about “One More Monster,” the debut from the band Bloom. This week, Soundcheck continues the theme of spring-in-bloom — or maybe Bloomin’ Spring? — by announcing the release of “Bloom,” the new album-length CD by Saratoga Springs’ Benjamin Wagner. After the long, cold winter,…
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Suburban Soul

From the quotations pulled from Coleridge, Dickinson, Eliot and Ovid in the liner notes, it’s safe bet that Benjamin Wagner’s “Always Almost There” is a record better suited for serious listening than background music at a keg party. The material here is highly personal, well-crafted and features some of the finest local talent ranging from…
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