Benjamin Wagner’s Caffe Lena Debut

May 11th, 1994

Benjamin Wagner may just be the nicest guy in the Capital District.

For some reason, he just exudes friendliness, onstage and off. The 22-year-old, a recent transplant to Saratoga Springs, does not look like the typical introspective songer/songwriter type. For one thing, except for the lack of a rich tan, he could easily pass for a West Coast beach bum. For another, onstage at Caffe Lena on May 2, he wore no black.

His music, though, is intriguing. On stage alone, he was somehow able ...

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New Albums Spring Up

April 28th, 1994

Last week, Soundcheck heralded the arrival of spring with a story about "One More Monster," the debut from the band Bloom. This week, Soundcheck continues the theme of spring-in-bloom -- or maybe Bloomin' Spring? -- by announcing the release of "Bloom," the new album-length CD by Saratoga Springs' Benjamin Wagner.

After the long, cold winter, it certainly is refreshing to hear the unbridled optimism that Wagner brings to the album's opening tune, "Late November Mind," when he croons, "And ...

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Suburban Soul

October 27th, 1993

From the quotations pulled from Coleridge, Dickinson, Eliot and Ovid in the liner notes, it's safe bet that Benjamin Wagner's "Always Almost There" is a record better suited for serious listening than background music at a keg party. The material here is highly personal, well-crafted and features some of the finest local talent ranging from the tempered guitar work of Steve Feldman to the sweet singing of the Mind's Eye's Karen Savoca.

The introspective nature and acoustic foundation of the ...

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