Kim Stolz: Once In A Lifetime

As an MTV News correspondent from 2008 to 2012, Kim Stolz did it all: TRL Spring Break, The VMAs, Movie Awards, Choose Or Lose plus dozens of high pressure high profile interviews with big bold faced names.

On this week’s You Hear It First podcast, Kim takes us on her unexpected journey from studying foreign policy at Wesleyan College to becoming a contestant on America’s Top Model and, eventually, landing a gig at MTV News. 

“It was wild,” she remembers. “Britney. Jay Z, Tom Cruise. You would do so many interviews in a day.”

Kim spent one full day roaming New York City on camera with a very young Taylor Swift.

“So I took her to Barneys. And then I did the interview, which was fine,” she says, “but it was sort of like interviewing, you know, a nice girl from someone else’s hometown.”

“I was like, ‘I don’t think this is someone to watch.’”

She talks about making trouble with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson at the height of their Twilight heyday, and sitting down with young Rihanna, candidate Obama and her lifelong dream interview, Stevie Nicks.

“I lost my mind,” she remembers. “She told me some wild stories.”

“I wish I understood then how there is such a tiny, tiny, tiny, minute percentage of people in this world that get to have a job like that even for one day in their life. And I had it for, you know, four or five years.”

“For me, the legacy is a level of excitement and these moments where you’re like, ‘Whoa! How did I get here? How did I create this in my life?’”

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