Download Authentic Records Flood Relief Benefit Bootleg Now!

June 24th, 2008

Benjamin WagnerAuthentic Records’ artists She Swings She Sways, Jason Walsmith and Mike Butterworth (of The Nadas), Will Petersen and Jim Stockberger (of Fat Andy), Andy Fleming (of Brother Trucker), Benjamin Wagner, Stephanie Walsmith, Tony Bohnenkamp and Josh Davis performed Sunday night to raise funds for Iowa flood relief.

Donations, silent auction bids plus CD proceeds netted nearly $3000 for United Way of Central Iowa and Governor Chet Culver’s fund for disaster and flood relief.

The AK O’Connors Beaverdale event was hosted by Capitol 106.3’s Deeya.

“It was a magical night,” she said. “It’s just doesn’t get much better than musicians in the community coming together to bring out the best in each other and their fans.”

“We decided to do this event at the very last minute and only had about a week to plan and promote it. Capital 106.3 really got behind the event, and due to their promotion the place was packed” said Jason Walsmith.

But the Des Moines-based label’s flood relief efforts don’t end there.Starting Tuesday, fans can download an eight-track “bootleg” recording of the show in exchange for a contribution of any amount — all of which will go to flood relief. Tracks include an all-star performance of The Nadas’ chestnut, “The River,” plus “Promise” from Wagner’s brand-new Authentic Records release, “The Invention Of Everything Else.”

“The Nadas are Iowa’s band, and Authentic is Iowa’s label,” Wagner said. “If someone was do something, it had to be us. ‘Cuz every little bit counts.”

Visit Authentic Records to do your part!

And click here to see photos from Sunday night’s event.

Authentic Records Flood Relief Public Service Announcement – Video

June 24th, 2008

Benjamin WagnerI wasn’t offstage much more than two minutes when Thrillcat Editorial Director Travis Ballstadt pulled me aside to tape my part of the Authentic Records Flood Relief Public Service Announcement.

Jason and Mile had already taped their segment Sunday afternoon down by the Des Moines River itself. Unfortunately, I was still recovering from the Hy-Vee Triathlon at the time, and couldn’t get myself out of bed.

So just after my thirty-minute Authentic Records Flood Relief Benefit set, I was on. Travis set up in between the kitchen and restrooms, primarily because it was the quietest, best-lit spots in the bar. And then we rolled.

I’ve spent a fair dose of time scripting and shooting from the behind the camera, but very little in front of it. Especially with a few pints of Guinness and a ton of endorphins coursing through my veins. Worse, I’m pretty verbose (especially in such circumstances), so was going a bit long.

Fortunately, Travis was great, and helped me simplify my talking points.

Between you and me, I’m just happy to have snuck the word “neighbor” in there.

Anyway, I’m told it’s being screened at a federal symposium on dealing with the state’s recovery, and there’s some scuttlebutt that it may air in Des Moines. It represents another step in our last-minute, grass-roots, completely earnest efforts to do go by our friends and neighbors. Do check it out, do pitch in, and do spread the word.

Authentic Records Flood Relief Benefit – Photos

June 24th, 2008