Authentic Records Flood Relief Public Service Announcement – Video

Benjamin WagnerI wasn’t offstage much more than two minutes when Thrillcat Editorial Director Travis Ballstadt pulled me aside to tape my part of the Authentic Records Flood Relief Public Service Announcement.

Jason and Mile had already taped their segment Sunday afternoon down by the Des Moines River itself. Unfortunately, I was still recovering from the Hy-Vee Triathlon at the time, and couldn’t get myself out of bed.

So just after my thirty-minute Authentic Records Flood Relief Benefit set, I was on. Travis set up in between the kitchen and restrooms, primarily because it was the quietest, best-lit spots in the bar. And then we rolled.

I’ve spent a fair dose of time scripting and shooting from the behind the camera, but very little in front of it. Especially with a few pints of Guinness and a ton of endorphins coursing through my veins. Worse, I’m pretty verbose (especially in such circumstances), so was going a bit long.

Fortunately, Travis was great, and helped me simplify my talking points.

Between you and me, I’m just happy to have snuck the word “neighbor” in there.

Anyway, I’m told it’s being screened at a federal symposium on dealing with the state’s recovery, and there’s some scuttlebutt that it may air in Des Moines. It represents another step in our last-minute, grass-roots, completely earnest efforts to do go by our friends and neighbors. Do check it out, do pitch in, and do spread the word.

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