Benjamin has been writing since his first gig as a fifteen-year-old stringer for the local Suburban & Wayne Times. He was managing editor of The Conestoga Spoke, and contributor to The Syracuse Daily Orange.

Since graduating from Syracuse University with dual degrees in Journalism and Creative Writing (Tobias Wolff led his Senior Workshop), Benjamin has been published in Rolling Stone, Men's Journal, MTV News, Mental Floss and Swing Magazine on topics ranging from politics to pop culture.

He has interviewed Bono, The Edge, Neil Young, Michael Stipe, Reed Hastings, Shepard Fairey, Douglas Coupland, Cameron Crowe, Aimee Mann and Paul Thomas Anderson, amongst others. 

Benjamin contributed to the collection, "2 Do Before I Die," and wrote the  award-winning 2012 PBS documentary, "Mister Rogers & Me."

Benjamin began blogging in 2000, and continues regular weekly updates via his .

Sep 17 2021

Into Your Arms

September 4th was, by any other account, a Saturday like any before. I woke at dawn, well prior to Abbi and the girls, rolled out of bed, and tip-toed down the steps. I brewed a cup of coffee (half and half, teaspoon of sugar in the raw), cracked the front door quietly, and stepped outside.…
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Aug 25 2021

Into The South, Part 3

I burst through the doors of Fame Studios like a deer in headlights: wide-eyed, disoriented, and out of breath. I’d stumbled through a side door just seconds prior, and been rebuffed and redirected by a cluster of young, handsome, chain-smoking rock ‘n rollers. I blew unwittingly past the studio’s matriarch, Linda Hall, beneath a hand-painted…
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Aug 17 2021

Into The South, Part 2

“10 bucks for parking,” I thought. “Of course.” The lot was shimmering like a National Guitar: sunbaked, half empty, dotted with slow-shuffling Elvis fans. I turned off my rental (a Kia Sportage, natch) and stepped towards the collection of white corrugated-aluminum sheds that constitute Elvis Presley’s Graceland. Not his house, but the dozen or so…
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