Josh Horowitz: Blockbuster

Josh Horowitz launched MTV News’ first online movie coverage in the early oughts, then quickly pivoted to on-camera work on everything from the MTV’s Movie Awards and Oscars to Comic-Con and the Sundance Film Festival. 

At well over 400 episodes, his Happy Sad Confused podcast has featured in-depth interviews with Hollywood a-listers from Samuel L Jackson, Aaron Sorkin and Denzel Washington to Jodi Foster, Ron Howard, Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey.

“My specialty is the intersection of smart and stupid” he tells me. “I can toggle it either way as the situation warrants.”

On this week’s blockbuster episode, Josh, regales us with heartbreaking and hilarious tales from growing up on the mean streets of the Upper West Side, to hanging out with Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom Cruise.

“I’ve been always very cognizant – and more so as the years go by – of how privileged [I am],” he admits. “I look at myself from above and [ask], ‘How the F did I get here!?!”

As Daisy Ridley (aka Rey from Star Wars) commands at the beginning of every Happy Sad Confused, “Prepare your ears, Humans!” You’re about to find out.

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