Kim Thai: Get Free

The last time I remember really talking with my friend and former MTV colleague, Kim Thai, we were sitting in a nondescript production trailer outside of the Barclay Center at the 2014 Video Music Awards. 

Kim, who, at the time, managed social media for the channel’s biggest shows, and I, who ran MTV News, often found ourselves in those trailers surrounded by banks of computer and broadcast monitors, rapidly cycling through social media for audience reaction to big show moments.

It wasn’t rocket science, but it was high-stakes high-pressure live television.

So when I discovered recently that Kim had left Big Media to build a community of mindful change makers who believe that personal actions lead to collective liberation, well, I couldn’t wait to catch up.

“It feels like lifetimes ago,” she told me reently. “I was a different Kim, to be honest with you.”

Following stints at The Houston Chronicle, MTV and Discovery, Kim founded GaneshSpace in 2018 in order to help build a community where she could be her authentic self on her own healing journey — and help others on theirs. 

As a queer Asian woman and a proud kid of Vietnamese refugees, Kim helps people find freedom and power within themselves, and how breath can change the way one sees and shows up in the world.

In this week’s episode, Kim share’s her parent’s harrowing escape from Vietnam, and the impact it had on her upbringing in Houston, Texas, as well as her personal journey from fluorescent-lit, New York City boardrooms to the candlelit yoga studio and shares her profoundly radical, deep and simple worldview.

“We can’t be free unless all of us are free.”

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