“Friends & Neighbors” Season Two Trailer

Twenty years ago, I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with America’s Favorite Neighbor, Fred Rogers. That day, Mister Rogers said something that changed my life: “Deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex.”

In season two of our new podcast, “Friends & Neighbors,” my brother, Christopher, and I, continue the “deep and simple” conversation we documented in our PBS film, “Mister Rogers & Me.”

In “Friends & Neighbors,” we talk with our own friends and neighbors about how they’re cultivating depth and simplicity despite complex lives.

In Season Two, we spend time with authors, actors, activists and CEOs, who share real insights about their experience, and their approach to living a deep and simple life.

Farm Sanctuary CEO, Megan Watkins, encourages us to be helpers. “We have to champion one another, right? We can’t stay on and up every moment of every day. And we go through tough stuff, right?”

Hint CEO, Kara Goldin, reminds us that even our most confounding challenges make sense in the end. “I think oftentimes when bad things happen, you don’t necessarily know why they were placed in your path. But the dots will eventually connect.”

Social Justice Comedian Negin shares how she uses comedy to shatter stereotypes. “I always want people to feel invited to my party, you know what I mean?”

We’ll also go deep with “Death, Sex & Money” Host, Anna Sale; New York Times Columnist, Ron Lieber; TV Executive and Author, Bill Flanagan, and more.

Mister Rogers often said, “There’s something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.” Join us every week on “Friends & Neighbors,” and make that something, something deep and simple.

Download “Friends & Neighbors” on Apple, stream on Spotify; watch on Facebook or YouTube; and subscribe to our newsletter at friendsandneighborsshow.com. “Friends & Neighbors” is a Wagner Brothers production.

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