Meet Your “Friends & Neighbors”

Twenty years ago, children’s television pioneer, Fred Rogers, shared a sentiment with me that changed my life.

“I feel so strongly,” he said on the back porch of his modest Nantucket summer home, “That deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex.”

After his death, my brother, Christofer, and I set out to understand, and help spread his “deep and simple” message. In 2012, after a run of award-winning festival screenings, our documentary “Mister Rogers & Me,” premiered on PBS. It has aired (often during pledge drives), downloaded and streamed hundreds of thousands of times since.

It is the best thing Christofer and I have ever done. For years, we’ve asked ourselves, “What else can we do?”

Meet “Friends & Neighbors.”

“Friends & Neighbors” explores how our friends and neighbors across the world are cultivating depth and simplicity in their own complex lives.

Each episode seeks substantive insights about our guest’s life experience, and specific, personal and actionable approaches to living a deep and simple life: building community, managing possessions and seeking reflection.

In our first season, we’ll meet Pop Culture Writer, Whitney Mattheson, Army Veteran & Author, Craig Mullaney; Entrepreneur, Áine Kerr; Singer/Songwriter, Jason Walsmith; Rapper, Rob Markman; and more.

And yes, of course I’ll talk about my thoughts and feelings, and sing a song or two.

Starting Wednesday, October 14, watch our show on Facebook or YouTube, listen to our podcast on Apple Podcasts, subscribe to our newsletter, and visit

Because your “Friends & Neighbors” are everywhere.

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