“A Holiday Benefit, Vol. 4” Release A Colossal Success


It’s taken nearly all weekend to recover from Thursday night’s “A Holiday Benefit, Vol. 4” release party.

Yes, I was over-served. Accordingly (perhaps), the entire event is a bit of a blur. And while there’s video (of the finale, anyway, see below) to help piece it together, I’d rather not watch; I prefer my sepia-toned memories.

I know that one minute, Roger Clark and I were pacing around Rockwood Music Hall nervously wondering if anyone would show up.

The next, I’m excuse me-ing my way through the packed venue towards the stage, and giggling my through my three-son set (“I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” “Blue Christmas,” and “Merry Christmas, Baby”) with Jamie Leonhart by my side, and The World’s Finest House Band — Tony Maceli, Chris Abad, Bryan Dunn, Dave Pittenger and Ryan Vaughn — at my back.

And then we’re all swaying our way through the finale, shredded-lyric shield fluttering like massive snowflakes on the first row.

Finally, I’m standing by the door tryingg to move units, dispense hugs and holiday good cheer when director Paul Haggis (wha!?!) introduces himself, compliments us on the show, and snaps up three cds!

It was a blast, more fun than ever. The spirit was strong in every single performer — Rachel Platten, Alex Wong, Dave Pittenger, Wes Hutchinson, Charlotte Sometimes, Casey Shea, Kelli Rae Powell, Zach & Sarah, Bryan, Chris and me. The 826NYC gang was there in force. Roger was hugely enthused, and Negin Farsad was hilarious.

And after three years and three different venues, “A Holiday Benefit” was finally at its proper home (which, with its second stage, is finally big enough) where Ken Rockwood, Tommy Merrill, Tyler and the gang have welcomed us so lovingly for so long.

In the end, we nearly sold out the place, paying off cd replication on ticket revenue alone. CD sales and silent auction items (not surprisingly, lunch was Roger was the runaway item) drove another $1000 (and counting). With company match, not a bad haul.

Though we still need your help. Download “A Holiday Benefit, Vol. 4”, “A Holiday Benefit, Vol. 3”, “A Holiday Benefit, Vol. 2” and “A Family Holiday” on iTunes now!

Best part of all? Tommy sent us an awesome thank you note the next morning.

So I siezed the moment and booked “Vol. 5” for Thursday, December 15, 2011. Mark your calendar now!

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