Mazel Tov!

allofus.jpgWay back in 2000, my then-boss foisted an interview on me with a recent college graduate named Jonathan.

“Trust me,” he said. “This guy’s cover letter was so over the top, you’re gonna’ love him.”

I won’t front; I was dubious. But sure enough, the kid had moxie. So we hired him. In his first month, he asked Britney Spears to spit out her gum, and suggested Godsmack’s Sully Erna to take off his baseball cap. He’s had me over to Passover Seder twice, shot and directed my music videos, and been a terrific friend.

In 2004, I interviewed a young intern candidate from UPenn named Rachel. She struck me as conscientious, thoughtful and smart. So we took her on. Back in Philadelphia that fall, Rachel hosted one of my living room shows. A few days prior to her graduation, I hired her to start a few days subsequent.

Ten years after first interviewing him, Jonathan nearly runs the place. And five years after hiring Rachel, she a crucial member of the team. Somewhere in between all that, Jonathan and Rachel started dating. And tonight, they were married.

It was a strange, wonderful feeling watching my two colleagues and dear friend wed. Watching them there beneath the huppa, they still looked like the young people I met all those years ago. And yet, there they were, getting married. I can’t say enough about these kids. I felt plenty moved, and a whole bunch proud.

In the morning, they’re off to Thailand for two weeks. God help us our little website in the meantime.




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