Summer Teeth

rehearsal.jpgIt was hot this morning. Africa hot. Panama hot. Walk twenty blocks to work then change your shirt hot. Walk on whichever side of the street is in shadows hot.

All of which is worse with an acoustic guitar is slung over your shoulder.

My freshly-repaired Martin DXE15 was slung over my shoulder this morning on account of this evening’s rehearsal for tomorrow’s Rockwood Music Hall show. I texted Chris en route; poor guy was working from home sixteen hours post op. Wisdom teeth.

“Hope you’re hanging in there,” I typed walking down Ninth Avenue. “If you wanna bag on tonight, no sweat. If you want a smoothie instead of a 40, understood. If you wanna share your Vicodin, better yet.”

Chris, God bless him, even managed to make it to rehearsal before me. In fact, all of the guys were there, and ready to go even as I raced down Seventh Avenue at rush hour this evening, and burst into the studio from the street clutching aforementioned guitar (and 40s). Two patch chords, a nine volt guitar and half a Budweiser later, I was ready to rock.

Chris, it should be noted, was spot on (even with the Vicodin). In fact, his “I Can See Clearly Now” solo was nearly incendiary.

Come to think of it, maybe it was because of the Vicodin.

Either way, you should come to tomorrow’s show; Vicodin and sweat-inspired surprises are guaranteed.

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