One Grand

hotel.jpgLast October, Abbi and I planned to spend our one-year anniversary in Nevis.

Then, within a span twenty-four hours, I was informed that I’d be inheriting leadership of the news department, but not before I had my appendix removed. Suffice to say, we reluctantly canceled the trip.

Fast forward eight months.

It’s been a doozie of a time (as you know, Dear Reader), one punctuated by great challenges, frustrations and rewards at work. Last week’s Movie Awards were the first of two uber-events (the Video Music Awards are in three months), and the team came through in flying colors: ratings were up, productivity was up, web metrics were up, and today, as we all head into the weekend, spirits are up.

At home, Abbi and I have been plugging away at laying the emotional and financial foundation for the rest of our lives, and, frankly, having a great time of it — even if we haven’t snuck away to celebrate our anniversary.


Tomorrow morning, Abbi and I board AA#413 bound for Miami, then connect with AA#561 to Grand Cayman. We’re spending a full-week there with no plans but scuba diving, sleeping, and laying by the pool drinking umbrella drinks and reading trashy novels (well, rock bios, anyway).

I’m leaving my Blackberry and laptop at home, so if you need me, well…

Leave a message. I’ll call ya’ when we get back.

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