Sway & Samberg Talk Popcorn, Pimp Cups & Penises

swayandy.jpgYup, that’s what two degrees and fourteen years in the workforce’ll get a guy: oversight of riveting headlines like “popcorn, pimp cups and penises.”

It’s late (12:59 am PT), I put in a fifteen hour day and concluded it with two beers, so lemme’ explain quickly.

Our job here is to cover all of the build up to the 2009 MTV Movie Awards: behind-the-scenes stuff, rehearsals, the red carpet, etc. And then, of course, we’ll be all over the big show itself.

There wasn’t a ton of action in the Gibson today; the set’s still being built, the lights are still being hung, the script’s still being polished. So we visited “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwick in Venice Beach, went for a hike in Runyon Canyon with “Hellboy” villian Luke Goss, and shopped for a dress with “Hills” star Stephanie Pratt (who had a thing or two to say to Paris Hilton).

And, at two o’clock this afternoon, Sway interviewed Movie Awards host Andy Samberg. Our young, demure producer returned from the shoot brimming with enthusiasm.

“Andy was great,” she said. “He really warmed up to Sway. They talked about hip-hop and pimp cups and…”

She began blushing.

“We probably can’t use the funniest part,” she stammered. “Andy says he prepares for big shows like this by, um, dipping his junk in a bathtub full of Ben Gay.”

Which is when my eyes grew wide, a smile overtook my face and I said, “Actually, that’s what we should break out; that’s the gold.”

Yup. Popcorn, pimp cups and penises. Sorry Walter Cronkite, sorry Comm Law 101 Professor White, and sorry mom and dad; that’s my gig. (That and fifteen hours in front of a PC and a fistful of craft service peanuts.) Enjoy, America!

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