Inaugural Snapshot, Part II

Washington, DC Union StationUnion Station, Washington, DC. Amtrak Gate K.

Passengers on Northeast Regional 178 are packed together struggling to board. Everyone is exhausted, weary of long lines, hung over, and eager to get home from the Inauguration.

A quiet voice squeaks above the fray.

“Ellen McQuarry? Ellen McQuarry?”

Seconds later, further down the queue, another rings out, “Ellen McQuarry? Ellen McQuarry? This man is looking for his wife.”

Finally a third chimes in further back still.

“Is there an Ellen McQuarry in line?”

Then finally, she’s found.


A passenger jokes, “Your husband left you for another woman.”

The crowd laughs. Her husband speaks up. “I love you, honey.”

“Then why did you leave me,” she jokes.

More laughter.

A stranger speaks up, “Come through, Ellen. We’ll get you back together!”

The crowd parts. The couple reunites. The crowd swoons, and begins chanting, “Yes we can!”

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