Remembering The Crash Site

Mister Rogers Talks To Parents About Divorce“Mister Rogers Talks To Parents About Divorce” premiered on Sunday February 15, 1981, just as my parents’ marriage was falling apart.

Unfortunately, it took twenty-five years to learn of the show’s existence, and until this afternoon to see it myself for the very first time.

All I knew of Susan Stamberg’s relationship to Fred Rogers when I walked into NPR’s Washington, DC, studios way back in November, 2006, was that the two had taped some television specials together in the ’80s. Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered the topic of the specials was divorce, something my family had endured, and about which Mister Rogers and I had conversed.

When our copy of the show was finally shipped from FCI last week, my sense of serendipity was heightened still when Chris told me the original air date.

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