Fall On Me (Or, Q4 In A Nutshell)

Benjamin WagnerDespite these challenging economic, political and existential times, the first three quarters of 2008 found Benjamin Wagner Deluxe, LLC, on solid ground thanks to a technological innovation, new product development, and the recent merger will Keller Industries.

Q4 looks to be similarly stable and rewarding for shareholders. Here’s a preview from Chairman and CEO, Benjamin Wagner’s, keynote speech this morning:

August 29 – September 1: Seattle
Abbi’s high school pal, Carmen, is getting married. I’ll be wearing plenty of flannel, and drinking nothing but Starbuck’s espresso.

September 1 – 8: MTV Video Music Awards
It’s that time of year again/already. This year’s show will come to you live from Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. And if recent meeting discussions are any indication (My favorite: “That’s one argument against strapping GPS on the elephant.), it should be quite the ratings-shattering, integrated-marketing, brand-extending affair.

September 4: My 37th Birthday
I’ll be in Los Angeles, but still plan to celebrate with friends there. As I told one, “I’m thinking the opposite of velvet rope, bottle service, valet and reservations. You know: show up, order a pint, and talk a while, and roll. Does that exist in LA?” We’ll see.

September 11-13: Chris Abad’s 30th Birthday Extravaganza
The gang’s haulin’ ass to Vermont (location of the once-abandoned “Magic Mountain” project) to celebrate the esteemed singer/songwriter. With Chris, Tony, Ryan, Jamie Alegre (and possibly his band, Rich Girls) on hand,musical meyhem is sure to ensue. Also: Beer Pong.

September 20: All-Ages Show @ Rockwood Music Hall
The older I, and — ergo — my audience gets, the more jobs, spouses, and kids (and, presumably, exhaustion) make late-night, mid-week rock shows impossible. So the guys and I are playing an acoustic, all-ages show at Rockwood Music Hall at (get this) 5pm. The idea is to play a hushed, seated, relaxed, participatory affair featuring my songs and a few kid-oriented surprises. In other words, the idea is to seed a whole new generation of Benjamin Wagner Fans. Just kidding. Kind of.

September 25: Late-Night, Mid-Week Show @ Rockwood Music Hall
What’s better than all-ages? A double-bill with my pal, Chris Abad. Same as above, though without the hushed, seated, relaxed, and kid-oriented components.

October 4 – 11: The Anniversary
It’s been the quickest, best 365 days of my life thus far thanks to Ms. Keller (actually, Mrs. Wagner). We’re spending seven night on Nevis at this amazing villa appropriately named “Amazing Grace.”

October 21-25: CMJ Festival
Looks like Chris and I will be bringing our double-bill magic to Alphabet Lounge during the College Music Journal’s annual confab. I’m also talking with my pal, CMJ Panel Director Jimmy Landry, about sitting on a panel. So it could be a two-for-one.

November 2: New York City Marathon
Yup, #9.

November 12: “Live At Rockwood Music Hall” EP Release
You knew I couldn’t go six months without releasing a new record, right? This one will be a brief collection of the best performances from the last three shows, and is likely to be an iTunes-only release. Stay tuned.

December: Second Annual Holiday Benefit CD Release
We put together a great collection of songs and raised nearly $5000 for 826NYC with our “A Family Holiday Benefit”, and it looks like we’re gonna’ do it again. This year, I’m partnering with Rebel Spirit Music. The record will likely be all-acoustic, and the release party will likely be at The Canal Room. Stay tuned.

And then it’ll be Christmas, and then it’ll be New Year’s, and we’ll start the whole thing over again.

Frankly, I’m tired just thinkin’ about it.

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