Burger, Shot, Beer (Repeat)

Chris AbadRare is the rehearsal when the band doesn’t spend as much time hanging out, drinking beers and talking for as long (or usually longer) than we do playing music. Which, at this point in my musical career, is alright by me.

Thursday night, however, was one for the record books.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris Abad, bassist Tony Maceli, drummer Jamie Alegre and I were, of course, rehearsing for the big “The Invention Of Everything Else” CD release on Wednesday, June 18th at Rockwood Music Hall.

Rehearsal went well enough. I was running late, feeling a little frazzled, and already a few beers deep (no thanks to my pals, The Nadas). The guys were spot on, though.

Afterwards, we loaded into Tony’s RAV4 and headed up Tenth Avenue to the neighborhood’s newest addition, Burger, Shot, Beer. The guys, as it ends up, have spent a fair dose of time at Burger, Shot, Beer already. Moreover, their on a first-name basis with some of the staff.

The premise is simple: $1 mini-burgers, $2 shots, $3 pints.

We ordered many rounds of all.

And frankly, I haven’t seen the guys this enthused in months. Maybe it was the Lakers/Celtics game. Maybe it was the hip-hop DJ. Maybe it was the scantily-clad wait staff. Whatever it was, well, it was written on our faces.

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