On Everything Else

Me reading Rolling Stone magazine in my apartment Wednesday nightSometime just before I asked Abbi to marry me, I cracked open a fortune cookie that read, “Everything will soon come your way.”

Not to gloat, but today felt that way.

First, Jamie Leonhart and I made a date to sing “Killing The Blues” next weekend.

Then, Chris Suchorsky’s Damnwells’ documentary, “Golden Days,” hit my mailbox.

Then, I got an email from sometimes-Nada keyboardist (and otherwise badass pianist) Tony Bonenkhamp who said of my proposal for some sort of post Hy-Vee Triathlon benefit show at his Des Moines venue, “I am loving this idea!”

Then “Mister Rogers & Me” AP Kathy Kim forwarded an email from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences regarding a crucial clip for the doc:

Since your subject matter is so near and dear to the Academy’s mission of excellence for programming, particularly for children, we’d be willing to waive the fee for a donation of any amount to our Foundation. In addition, when the film is complete we’d love to take a look and perhaps feature the work on our site with a clip and a profile of the project and filmmaker.

Then, I got an email from Jimmy Landry with whom I shared a rough mix of “Breathe In” (sans Raining Jane’s forthcoming vocals). “Dude,” he said, “You have ridiculously great pitch.” Better yet, he’s game to help me mix “The Invention of Everything Else.”

And that’s to say nothing of the really crazy corporate situations I find myself in at The Office, one after shockingly awesome experience after another.

Or posting my first blog to The Des Moines Register.


So sometimes that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Thank goodness.

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