The NyQuil Weekend

Kleenex We took the day off, reserved the rental car, packed the ski pants, and even MapQuested the route. But alas, it was not to be.

You’ll recall that Abbi and I were planning on spending the weekend in Vermont with Chris and Meg Abad. We were going to ski by day, play beer pong at night, and even squeeze in a quick recording (well, Chris and I were).

Unfortunately, Abbigail was sick with the flu all week. As our Friday morning departure approached, it became abundantly clear that snow, beer pong, and late nights weren’t gonna cut it.


No skiing (which is fine with me), no beer pong (which is a bummer), and no Chris & Ben live EP from (which is a bummer).

Fortunately, Abbi’s feeling quite a bit better, though she’s got cabin fever somethin’ fierce. Me, I relish the opportunity to sit around and watch TV.

And fortunately, I spent a bit of the afternoon in the closet (aka my recording studio) and will be releasing a few songs in the coming days.

Oh, and with all this NyQuil, I’m frickin’ buzzin’ on mad syrup.

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