Taking Requests

Rehearsal Ok, so when we spoke last, I was talking about this “Magic Mountain EP” idea of mine.


Right! That five-song, online-only recording I wrote about yesterday. The one Chris Abad and I are going to knock out this weekend somewhere between snowboarding and beer pong. Yeeeaaah! That one.

So lemme’ restate the premise: I need you to pick one song for us. Just one. As in, the same number of suggestions I’ve received in the last 24 hours. (And a fine suggestion it was, Stephanie. Thank you very much.)

I know I write a lot about work and life and love and marriage, but you do remember that I write, record and perform music, right? Maybe your memory needs refreshing.

You can click on that iTunes link up there on the right. Or click on the word Buy. There are twelve records worth of songs to chose from. Heck, go crazy. Browse my MP3s over there in the tag cloud. Or surprise me with something random!

I mean, in seven years of blogging, and twenty years of performing, when have I ever asked for requests?

Whaddya’ wanna’ hear Chris and me record live?

Sorry, no Throbbing Gristle, Alex.

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