Coming Soon: The Magic Mountain EP

Rehearsal Magic Mountain Ski Resort near Londonberry, Vermont, is — if my pal, singer/songwriter Chris Abad’s description is correct — “the slacker’s Okemo.”

Chris and his wife, Megan, invited Abbi and I to join them there next weekend.

“It’s an awesome place for drinking beer, skiing, board games, cooking, writing music, etc,” he said. “Any interest?”

It took Abbi and me about three seconds of discussion.

“We’re in!”

An idea occurred to me the next morning. I emailed Chris on my Blackberry as I walked to work.

Here’s one for ya. We bring our guitars to VT. I bring ProTools + mic. On Sat PM we play/record a short set for everyone, then roll out mp3s on our respective blog/MySpace properties. Think of it is any easy way to remind our respective/collective audiences that we exist. :) Only downside is a) we need to rehearse a tiny bit b) our wives think we’re nerds (but I imagine they think that anyhow). Whaddyathink?

His response was succinct, and enthusiastic.


And so Chris and I spent a few hours running songs at his rehearsal space yesterday afternoon. It’s a cold, dingy room on the eighth floor of a building full of cold, dingy rooms on Eight Avenue just below The Port Authority.

I played him the ten songs I expect to put on my forthcoming CD which: “Giving Up The Ghost,” “Promise,” “(I Won’t Let You) Get Away From Me,” “Breathe In.” Taken as a whole, the constitute a solid bunch of songs. With Chris playing and singing on them, everything sound better, and looks brighter.

A few of those songs are going to pop up on this EP — this, “Magic Mountain EP” — which Chris and I will premiere on our respective sites during the week of March 3.

Here’s the wrinkle (to reward the few of you who’ve made it this far into the post): We’re leaving one of the songs selections up to you! Tell me what you want to hear Chris and I play in the comments, and we’ll do so with the most popular.

Then we’ll commence our Beer Pong Tournament.

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