Reclining On An Ocean Swell

The Ocean Dude, I know it bums you out that everyone but you is taking sea-kissed, sun-baked vacations right now.

Mom’s in Egypt. Dad’s in South Carolina. Chris and Jen are heading to Barbados in the morning. And Abbi’s going to West Palm on Saturday.


You’ll be spending your three-day weekend alone in New York City where the forecast calls for a 41° high, and a 70% chance of precipitation.


But dude, dry your tears. Less than four months ago, you were sitting on a deserted beach in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Less than four months ago, you were sitting in a ratan chair, drinking Tiger Beer and playing cards with your brand-new wife. Less than four months ago, you were dozing at high noon by your private pool, a little drunk on the residual nitrogen in your blood stream after your morning dive.

Remember that? Remember watching the sunrise with a freshly-brewed espresso in hand? Remember the leopard eel peaking out of the coral just off the beach? Remember the sound of the wind through the thatched roof at sunset?

Listen, man, some people don’t experience beauty like that their whole lives. You’ve been to Aruba, Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Guatamala, Honduras, Mexico, Turk & Caicos — and you’ve got a few years left in ya’ yet!

So, suck it up!

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.


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