Sending Out An S.O.S, Part II

February 2Remember that post a few days ago about that You Tube video that used my cover “Message In A Bottle” for its soundtrack? Well, I’ve heard from its creator, Sandra (aka Exoticat). Here’s the story:

“I was searching for music for a film short around the idea of a message in a bottle and love (ties in with an ongoing art series). I decided I either wanted “Time In A Bottle” (Jim Croce) or “Message In A Bottle” (Sting). The Sting version was too fast in tempo for my needs and I was so happy when I found your cover… it’s beautiful.

So I found you on Project Playlist, downloaded you from iTunes, edited you in Peak, played with you in iMovie, then uploaded you to YouTube. All that action — and I bet you didn’t feel a thing!

The characters have an ongoing love story and, so that I can create mushy love art, I sometimes separate them so the reunion will be even mushier yet. I actually wasn’t even planning on making a film — was just shooting some stills — then decided to turn the video option on and quickly shot some footage. That’s what lead me to your song.

The main character is GIO. He is a custom boy doll. Blythes were made in 1972 then pulled off the market after being too creepy and not selling well. Around 1990 they started making reproductions out of Japan and now they are highly collectible. It’s not children buying them either as they are expensive!

They do NOT make boy Blythes so that is why Gio kind of has a small fan base with collectors. He started out as a girl but now is a boy (but I believe has blocked all that out… ha ha).

That cover of yours is GREAT! I love listening to that video just for that song.”

So, now we now.

A buddy of mine and I used to talk a lot about my expectations for the reach of my music. That is, when I would tell him I’m bummed that more people hadn’t bought my records or heard my songs.

“Mass media is new,” he’d say. “A hundred years ago, no one heard anything outside of their town or village. By that standard, you’re doing pretty well.”

His point is valid. And Exoticat’s video demonstrates that.

Though I’d still like to play Dublin.

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