Bono & The Edge: U2 3D

Bono & The EdgeBenjamin Wagner: What do you notice in yourselves and each other in 3D that you didn’t before?

The Edge: I was struck by the separateness really yunno we’re up there quite individual and quite separate something about the 3D the depth of field you really feel that

Bono: Are you saying you felt lonely up there, The Edge?

The Edge: Nah, I felt lonely for Larry.

Bono: He likes being by himself.

The Edge: I was moved.

Bono: Did you go and bring him a bottle of water?

The Edge: I would go visit him.

BW: I’m surprised to hear you say that. I was struck by your proximity. And by your smiles. There’s a lot of joy up there that I don’t see from the nosebleeds.

Bono: You gotta get better seats from MTV. You deserve better seats.

The Edge: Definitely.

BW: So why 3D? And why now?

The Edge: Well because the technology is only become available now. 3D is just about gone digital and that means you can use high definition cameras that are that size instead of film cameras that are that size. So you could actually do it for the first time. And as all our people will tell you, we always ask the same question when we’re thinking of something to do and its, “What has never been done?” And this was another thing that’s never been done. So we were immediately up for it.

Bono: Also U2 tickets are a bit expensive. And hopefully this’ll be a cheaper ticket. I’m just thinking people who are going to high school or going to college and don’t have the cash. We fight to have the tickets that are reasonably priced, at least 50-60% of them, but you know how it goes; tickets get sold and so on, and there’s not enough of them. So my hope for people who are thinking, “Well, I’m kind of into that band,” is that they’ll give us a shot and see what we’ve got.

BW: So you’ve reteamed with Joshua Tree co-producers Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno again. What do you guys have up your sleeve for the next record?

Bono: A reason to be still here is the only reason to play for now. If U2 doesn’t make a truly great rock ‘n roll album, somebody should come after us.

The Edge: Danny’s playing a lot of banjo on this one. Banjo! He won’t give it up.

Bono: Are you taking banjo lessons behind my back?

The Edge: The didjereedoo as well.

BW: He recently said he’s been listening to a lot of Jimmi Hendrix with you guys.

The Edge: When we’re with Brian and Danny it’s such a thrill because we have a very special rapport, and they bring out the best in us. And one of the fun things to do is to listen to other people’s music. And we all have our particular bent. Like we’re going to be playing them some new stuff they’ve probably never heard. But Danny is always going to play us something that we may have heard, but maybe haven’t fully appreciated. He’s always got a different thing for us.

Bono: Daniel Lanois in a certain sense is about the ancient. And Brian Eno is about the modern, the future, the things that haven’t happened. And where they join, where somethign feels like it’s always existed but you’ve never heard before? That’s what those two seem to bring out in us. Daniel Lanois has this tradition and respect for folk music and respect for black music and gospel and blues. And brian is still trying to make music for if the band had formed on Venus. Somewhere between that is our next album.

BW: Well, I for one can’t wait.

Bono: Thanks.

BW: Thank you.

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