Black Friday

Come Christmas time, my family typically wagers its best gift giving guesses. It’s a less presumptuous and more spontaneous approach, but has a tendency to backfire (like when I find brown leather slippers or plaid flannel boxer shorts under the tree).

The Kellers, however, view gift giving a bit differently. The make lists. Less surprises? Maybe that’s a good thing. To that end, Abbi’s been asking me to put togther mine for weeks. Who doesn’t like to answer the question, “What do you want?”

In the spirit of the times, and as a public service to friends, family, and strangers alike, then, I thought I might circulate it more widely in an effort to ease the annual holiday quadgmire. Here, then, are some option for spreading holiday cheer in my direction, should you be interested in doing so.

The following items are already conveniently aggregated via my wish list:

– Movado Viro watch
– U2 The Joshua Tree Remastered CD/DVD
– The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland
– Slam by Nick Hornby
– 1G iPod Shuffle (3d gen)
– Fred Rogers – America’s Favorite Neighbor DVD
– Thorlo rolltop running socks
– Garmin Forerunner 305 Wrist-Mounted GPS watch


– Blue, slim fit, button-down oxford (L / 16.5×35)
– Black JCrew cashmere hoodie (L)
– Navy JCrew merino full-zip sweater (L)
– Navy, deep plum or heather cocoa JCrew merino v-neck sweaters (L)
– Plane tickets to Dublin, Ireland (to see U2)
– Plane tickets Los Roques, Venezuela (to scuba dive)
– Donald Rumsfeld’s public apology for his role in actively escalating while verbally minimizing the Iraq War

Happy Holidays!

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