Breathe In – MP3

I knew I was in trouble when I found myself face down on a massage table in the Maldvives nearly a week into my honeymoon and I couldn’t silence the worries in my head. It was making me kind of nuts to be somewhere so beautiful, so tranquil, and with someone I love so much, but to be incapable of being still inside.

So I took a deep breath, and forced myself to concentrate on the inhale, and the exhale, and the inhale,and the exhale…

We’ve been back a few weeks now. I feel nuts already.

Writing this song, though, helped.


Breathe In

Today was so long, I grew tired of believing
That everything wrong would ever find some relief
Todat was so long, I grew tired of the feelin’
The wieght of it all crashing down on me

Just breathe in, breathe in

Tonight was so long, grew tired of dreamin’
Of ashes and bone and broken down things
SO you have to be strong, you have to believe that
The first morning light will help you to see

Just breathe in, breathe in

I know that it’s hard, so I’ll be with you here
I know it’s so hard to see clear

Just breathe in, breathe in

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