Too Much Time On My Hands (And It’s Ticking Away)

Thank goodness for my Blackberry.

Lately, I’m wedging wedding, documentary, and rock show planning into every square inch of my day.  Much as I hate to be that guy, I’m rockin’ my Blackberry Curve in elevators, cabs, and even one-handed on the street.

Heck, I’m blogging from it in my boxers now (Abbi’s on the PowerBook doing registry stuff — stemware: wohoo!).

My musician pals (Casey Shea, Chris Abad, Tony Maceli, Ryan Vaughn) are getting hammered with email.

They’re all key participants (stars, you might say) in the wedding (which is sixteen days away). Chris is performing solo in the ceremony, then all five of them are performing Abbi and my first dance. Later, Casey will helm a few dance classics before we all join the kick ass wedding band, Mo’ Soul, for an all-star jam.

We’re rehearsing tonight for our all-star benefit cover of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” for the “Family Records Holiday Album” that Wes Verhoeve and I are putting together.

In addition to the guys, Tarrah Reynolds, Seth Kallen, Wynn Walent, Jeff Jacobson, El Jezel, Flying Machines (formerly The Attorneys), Misty Boyce, Leroy Justice and Undisputed Heavyweights are recording at Travis Harrison’s Serious Business Studios this weekend.

My pals Jenny Piston (who hosts the Hot Rocks dance party at The Rivington and has been a huge help on this project) and Langhorn Shea (yes, Mrs. Casey Shea) are shooting and editing a music video.

We’re releasing the CD — which, in addition to the cover will feature a holiday song from each of us — in December.  It will benefit 826 NYC, David Eggers’ youth literacy organization.

Speaking of 826, I’m still working with the immensly lovely and talented Jennifer Snow to book a visit to 826 for the doc. We hope to speak with her (who was in no small part inspired by Mister Rogers), some of her colleagues and kids, and maybe even longtime supporter and puiblic radio star, Amy Vowell.

So there’s that.

But first, my new pal Davy Rothbart is in town with his Found Magazine “There Goes The Neighborhood” tour. So we’re trying to work out some camera time for tomorrow night (plus see the show!), in addition to planning a collective soujourn to Pittsburgh in November.

Finally, Buckeye returns to the Knitting Factory for a Halloween show on October 27. Luckily, Chris Abad’s been helming that. Unluckily, the show is just five days after Abbi and I return from our honeymoon.

Oh yeah! The honeymoon! I still need to get insurance, book seats, reserve dive times (Maldives, baby!), and plan a day trip in Dubai! Snap.

Plus I still need dress shoes, a belt, an entire “casual” outfit for the rehearsal dinner, and gifts for the groomsmen, ushers and band. (And goodness knows what else I need to do that I don’t know I need to do.)

And did I mention I have a day job? One with two major events in the next ten days? One of which features Bono?

Mike Lazaridis, I solute you, sir.

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