Whisper (A Million Different Voices Speaking In Tongues)

I was touching the spirit world well prior to slipping beneath the covers last night. Likewise, I expect, tonight.

Wednesday’s Late Night at Rockwood Music Hall left me reeling well into Thursday (as, I suspect, it did Casey and Chris — though they had Thursday off).

In fact, I opened my team’s annual MTV Video Music Awards digital production meeting by saying that I’d stayed up ’til five in an effort to recalibrate for Las Vegas (and that I was likely to hurl at any minute as a result, which was true though — thankfully — I didn’t).

I know, I know: real professional.

As I staggered to finally leave the office, the EVP walked in. I was sure he could smell the Petron in my sweat as we discussed the VMAs, sub-site integration and correspondent blogs.

I finally made it to the street sometime after seven o’clock. I dialed up Springsteen’s new single, “Radio Nowhere.” Bobbing, weaving through pre-theater pedestrian traffic, I ducked onto a quiet side street. As I passed an old grammar school (one, it ends up, I’ve always envisioned as a location for my oft-mentioned but not-yet-shot screenplay, “Mo’ Hart”), the sun casting a warm orange glow on its granite edifice, I got goose bumps. It was the music, the air, the energy, the excitement, the blessings, the exhaustion, and the knowledge that in less than twenty-four hours, I’d be landing in Nantucket.

Life is good. And getting better all the time.

There’ll be a Cisco Brewer‘s Whale’s Tale Pale Ale in the fridge for ya’.

See ya’ there…

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