Won’t You Be Mine?

Things have been pretty good in The Neighborhood.

A few weeks ago, Christofer and I just premiered a second “Mister Rogers & Me” trailer on You Tube, this one with sound bites from Tim Russert, Susan Stamberg, Marc Brown, and Linda Ellerbee. It’s not burning up the Internet, but’s it garnered a few comments, and won a few new eyeballs.

I’ve made fast friends with 826 NYC‘s publicist, Jen Snow, who’s excited to pitch in on Chris and my “Mister Rogers & Me” documentary. The non-profit youth literacy advocate’s big event, Revenge of the Bookeaters, is Sunday night. In the coming months, Chris and I expect to visit their Brooklyn headquarters, and interview founder David Eggers, and supporter Sarah Vowell.

And it looks like we’re going to tag along with Found Magazine creator Davy Rothbart and his pals Nicki and Lizzie Gottlieb when they visit David Newell (aka Mr. McFeely) in Pittsburgh come November.

But a reader, Kris Jensen-Van Heste, emailed me on Friday with some pretty bad news. Please visit “Making ‘Mister Rogers & Me'” for the full scoop, and how you can help.

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