You R Here: Lollapalooza

The MTV News team is off to Chicago for Lollapalooza.

Or, we would be if there weren’t a plane broken down on the runway that forced our plane — that was coming from Chicago — to divert to JFK. So the photo is TV’s Tim Tim Kash resting up for his MIA, Fratellis, and Silver Sun Pickups interviews this afternoon. Jonathan, Conor, Chris, Sanch, V and I are waiting patiently while rockin’ the Au Bon Pain. Either way, hell or high water, we’ll be diggin’ Daft Punk tonight!

You can follow my Lollapalooza adventures all weekend long at MTV’s new UGC concert community, You R Here. (In fact, I’d really appreciate it if you did. The site could use your traffic — and your content, if you have any. Moreover, it’d be kinda helpful to my career if the site’s launch was a success. So please, hook a man up!)

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