Random Notes, Volume VIII

There’s a lot going on.

I just walked in from Chris Abad‘s place. He lives exactly one song away. Which is to say, about two blocks. In tonight’s case, those two blocks were U2’s “Daddy’s Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car.”

Anyway, Chris and I were rehearsing for next Wednesday’s Rockwood Music Hall gig: 8/8 at 8. We’re really mixing it up for this one. Put it this way: he’s kicking off the set with one of my songs. Wack.

But first, I’m headed to Chicago for Lollapalooza. We’ve just launched a “citizen journalism” site at work called You R Here so that the audience can cover the show. Cool.

Also, I spent a fair amount of time today corresponding with Wes and Jenny on a super-secret benefit Christmas album. One hint: Thank God it’s them instead of you.

But the highlight of my day was speaking with Found Magazine founder, “Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas” author, and “This American Life” contributor Davy Rothbart about our mutual friendship with Mister Rogers. You can read all about it on my “Making ‘MIster Rogers & Me'” blog.

Meanwhile, my passport is current and my prescription has been renewed as the countdown is on for Nantucket (my birthday), Las Vegas (2007 MTV Video Music Awards), Breckenridge (the bachelor party), Brays Island (Abbi and my wedding), and the Maldives (our honeymoon).

Wait for it…


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