In exactly forty-eight hours, I’m diving into the Hudson River, and paddling like hell.

Sunday morning is my sixth Nautica New York City Triathlon. My wave — the most sizeable demographic, 35-40 males, and hence the last — begins the 1500 meter (about one mile) swim at 98th Street at 8:15.

From the transition on 79th, we ride a 40k (twentyfour mile) out-and-back bike course along the (very hilly) Henry Hudson Parkway.

The 10k (six mile) run takes us from transition at 79th, across 72d Street (my favorite part because it’s closed and you feel like a rock star), into and around Central Park.

In past years, I’ve completed the race in anywhere from 2:42:00 to 2:52:00. Given that I haven’t riden my bike since the fall, and have only swam one mile in the last six months, and am nursing a strange respiratory issue, I’m expecting the latter.

Still, my confidence is high. So high that I’ve added a fourth leg.

The margarita chug commences at 5pm.

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