The Last Time – MP3

My hand to God’s, here’s how it happened.

I woke up late on account of getting home late from last night’s “Besides” release with a bonus Sundown show afterwards. I jumped online to update the set list on my site, then checked out Sundown’s site to see if they’d updated anything (like, “We hung with our buddy Benjamin last night and boy is he talented!”). From there I surfed to Wes Hutchinson’s site, which autoplays “Long Day” from his CD, “Down In Flames.”

Next thing I know (and I’m really not sure what happened in between, but I know it wasn’t brushing my teeth), I’m strumming my guitar and this chorus comes to me, melody and all: “I believe I’m going down for the last time, the last time / And I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do, oh no / Yeah I believe I’m going down for the last time, the last time / And baby it’s you, baby it’s you.”

Then I bang out a coupla’ verses (and realize afterwards that “falling” can go either way: in or out of love, which is a good thing). So that’s, like, 9:30 this morning. I start recording and finish just after noon. Which is when it occurs to me that I should check to be sure I haven’t ripped off Wes outright. Furtunately, I haven’t.

I’ll tell you this: were it not for that chain of events — every one of ’em, from last night’s show to this morning’s hangover to Wes’ inspiration — well, I wouldn’t have this song. And that’d be a shame, ‘cuz this is a pretty kick ass song. Enjoy.


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