Stars And Hearts And Broken Things (Part II)

What a shitty day.

I was soaked straight through before I got to the office, then I had meetings straight through — including one that began at six o’clock. That’s the one at which I kinda’ lost my shit.

Which isn’t the point of this story.

After work, I walked by Rudy’s to pick up my guitar, but Rudy’s was closed. So I waded through the soggy, tourist-choked streets to the cobbler to pick up my shoes, but the cobbler was closed.

Back home, I cranked the AC, sat on the couch, and nursed a beer.

Chris came over to rehearse for tomorrow’s show around 8:30. We pruned the set a bit, losing some of the chaffe. Outside, a thunderstorm was breaking over the city. Lightning was streaking above the buildings.

Somewhere in the middle of “No Surrender” (yes, that “No Surrender”), I forgot about all of it.

Blood brothers on a stormy night with a vow to defend, indeed.

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