My Life On The A-List

There are four kinds of ice cream in the fridge: Breyer’s All Natural Vanilla, Breyer’s Slow Churned Fat-Free Vanilla, Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie, and Sharon’s Coconut Sorbet.

Ok, so one’s sorbet, but still: I would never have had four kinds of ice cream in the fridge as a bachelor.


We’re watching Kathy Griffin’s “My Life On The D-List”. There, I said it. And yunno’ what? It’s kinda’ fun, eating ice cream on the couch with my fiance watching Bravo. It kinda’ makes me forget about my woes. Laughter and ice cream. Good stuff!

Though Abbi’s about to polish of the sorbet.

But still.

I think married life is really agreeing with me.

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