They’re Tryin’ To Make Me Go To Rehab

Moments after this joyful photograph was taken, we learned the news that the nation’s most beloved heiress had turned herself over to authorities.

I began the day reading The New York Times, then crafted a new script for the second “Mister Rogers & Me” trailer.

Deep and simple.

I am currently wrapping up MTV News’ marathon coverage of the MTV Movie Awards, including extensive reportage on our exclusive interview with Ms. Hilton.

Shallow and complex.

The thing that makes it all worthwhile is my colleagues. It’s pushing four o’clock in the morning, and many of ’em are still buzzing around the newsroom. Inspiring. So I sent this note to both the New York and L.A. teams:

had i planned better, we’d have sent a bottle out to you guys in l.a.

it’s been a challenging night — no thanks to one besieged, beguiling
heiress. at the end of it all, though, you all kicked ass. we’ve done
stuff we’ve never done before, like managing a ridiculously convoluted
workflow with content flying all over the place. and now, there is a
ton of great photos, video and reportage on the site: some 30+ video clips,
100+ photos, 25 blog posts, and 10 articles (with one more on the way!).

and who’s still rockin’ at three o’clock in the am?

mmm hmm, thought so.

props, all. and thanks.

So… I’m going home now. If you have a sec, check out some of our work over at MTV News.

G’night. Have a pleasant tomorrow, er, today.

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