Run For Your Life

I ran into the Executive Vice President of News & Production in the elevator banks this morning. “How are you?” he asked. “Harried,” I replied.

The truth is, the sweat on my brow and bounce in my step had more to do with too much coffee and a really long run. Somehow, though, that came out as “harried.”

I spent the next thirty-two floors explaining this cool new website,, how I went on an extra long morning run in an effort to put the site through its paces, then sat on the floor of my new apartment (sidebarring with him for a moment on Abbi and my big move) marking each data point on the map (a process made more complicated by my insistance on running as far off of the beaten path as possible).

By the time we got to our conference room for our weekly Digital Programming Meeting, I was scolding myself for actually answering his question in such rediculous detail.

“That’s probably more than you really needed to know,” I said, pausing to take a long tug on my Gatorade and instantaniously considering this age of Media 2.0, User Generated Content, Transparency, and — maybe, just maybe — too much information.

“I guess you gotta’ blame the coffee. And the adrenaline.”

I guess you do too.

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