Wonderwall (Live @ Rockwood Music Hall) – MP3

I realize this is one of the most over-exposed pop songs in recent history, but I think there’s good reason for it.

It’s all about the letter “A.”

When Noel Gallagher rocks “Wonderwall,” the E in “maybe” is more of an A. All the better to rhyme with “save,” and — for that matter “me” (so long as you do the same with that E).

There’s something natural and pleasing about singing that long “A” sound.

Likewise, the rhythm of the song. The way Chris, Ryan and Tony play it, anyway, I could strum it forever.

Add in the fact that you’d be hard pressed to find an audience in the world who couldn’t sing along, and you’ve got a pretty decent cover tune on your hands.

Chris and I first performed “Wonderwall” with our ’90s cover band, Buckeye, last November. I think I’ve closed damned near every show since. This live version was recorded at Rockwood two years to the day from when Abbi picked me up there.


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