Shiver (Or, Rx Volume II)

Some forty-six blocks downtown, my colleagues are toasting another banner year at the MTV Holiday Party. I just washed down a fistfull of pills with my third fruit smoothy of the night.

There’s nothing lamer than reading blog posts about illness, and how this hurts and that hurts and so on. And lord knows I’ve written a few in the last three weeks.

In summary, I’m sick again. Or, I’m still sick. I went back to the doctor this afternoon. She thinks last week’s sinus infection was stronger than last week’s antiobiotic, so she gave me a new one. I saw her 1000mg of Levaquin, and raised it two Sudaphed, two B12s, two Ibuprofin, and a multivitamin.

When I interviewed Aimee Mann a few years ago, she mentioned a graphic novel called, “It’s a Good Life If You Don’t Weaken.” The phrase stuck with me. It is a good life. And I don’t like feeling weak. I don’t like slowing down. There’s a ton going on at work. Christmas is coming, and I really do want to get in the spirit of things. And I want to get running again. Right now, though, I feel like everything is falling apart around me in slow motion, and all I can do is eat, drink and sleep.

The wind is blowing outside. The windows are rattling. Downstairs, the radiator is making a knocking sound. My mouth tastes like metal. My head feels like an anvil.

I’m not sure what this weakness is about. And I don’t like it. But I’m listening to it as best I can.


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