How To Be Alone – MP3

Probably fifty percent of rock songs are about being alone, or feeling alone, or being left by someone you love and thus, well, you the idea. I think about aloneness all the time. One’s thoughts are different in isolation. Everything is.

Anyway, I was home sick today. I’ve been sleeping, mostly, and reading Chuck Kloserman’s “IV.” He has an essay (about Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, I think) in which he mentions Jonathan Franzen’s “How To Be Alone,” a book I own but haven’t managed to really penetrate. But I love the title, much as I love Jeff Tweedy’s “How To Fight Loneliness.”

So, I sat down and started playing, and this is what came of it. I had a scenario in mind, a character of a specific sort, but I don’t wanna’ ruin all that for you. Just listen, and enjoy (yunno, in so much that it’s a sad sounding song).


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