In A Cab Headed Uptown

I’m in a cab headed uptown, just southeast of Chrysler Building (my favorite New York City skyscraper, hands-down).

I’m tapping this missive into my Blackberry while listening to The Changes’ “When I Wake.” The song is genius. The chorus makes me immediately happy: all synths, upbeat drums, and the catchiest melody since Madness’ “Our House.” My ipod playlist is called “Up with People,” which is kinda funny.

Passing through First Avenue tunnel, the one with yellow lights below the UN. Puked in back of cab here one summer years and years ago after lots and lots of gin and tonics. Haven’t had one since.

Was out with colleagues tonight, which is rare. UK correspondent Tim Cash is in town, so had a small dinner at Cajun place on 6th and First in his honor. Fun time, sweet guy. My colleagues are bright and know their stuff. Sometimes I feel dumb around them in so much that I know neither rock and hip hop facts nor industry gossip. Sometimes I wonder what I’m good for, what I know. I’m so spread out, so multi-disciplline: dot com exec, singer/songwriter, blogger, documentary filmmaker. What do they say? Jack of all trades, master of none?

A little nauseous now from all the bumps. And beer. And jambalaya.

About to enter Central Park transverse. Wish I were running in the morning.

Transverse now. Almost home.

Fare is $12.70, $14.00 with tip.

Hope there’s mochi in the freezer.


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