Just One Thing

Listen, I don’t have a ton to say. And if I start spouting, I’ll just sound like complaining. Which it would be, cuz I’m grouchy and tired and feel like complaining. But I won’t. So, just one thing…

I was wondering yesterday morning, ‘Who are these people?’

There are some four hundred of you who check in on the daily. Which is really cool, and really sweet, and I’m really grateful. But who the heck are you? I mean, at best, I have fifty relatives. So that leaves at least a few other readers (and, hopefully, listeners).

So do me a favor, will you? Drop me an email. Introduce yourself. Say hi. I’ll write back. I’m a good pen pal, if you want me to be. Or not. One little email. You can just click on this whole paragraph, or, yunno, type it yourself: mtvitamin@aol.com (it’s a play on words, people).

I’m not putting the aegis on you to cheer me up, or asking for money, or any leftover hope you may have to share. I’m just askin’ for a little love in the inbox.

C’mon, reach out.

Update: As of 3:44 pm ET, I’ve received exactly eight emails (including one from my mother — thanks mom), all of which are from readers with whom I’ve corresponded (and, in some cases, shared beers) before. Of course, I’m grateful to all of them. But c’mon people! Raise the veil of anonymity!

Update: As of 12:34 pm ET on Wednesday, I’ve received 35 emails, many of which are from new friends. Thanks! It’s really nice meeting you all. I owe you each a note. Meanwhile, if you haven’t emailed, please do!

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