Rock ‘n Roll Training

I’ve long wondered how to combine my love for running with my love for rocking. I’ve thought about running the New York City Marathon with a guitar, or small speakers blasting my tunes. The most I’ve managed thus far, though, was last year’s Benjamin Wagner Dot Com T-shirt. This year, an idea was delivered straight to my inbox.

Here’s the skinny, courtesy of said email’s author, Lesley Weiner:

You are invited to a private concert! Please come to Denae’s Living Room, an extremely exclusive venue (with ridiculous views of the 59th Street Bridge), for a live, acoustic performance by Benjamin Wagner. A marathon-runner (and Orangeman!) himself, Benjamin is currently training for his seventh NYC Marathon. He also happens to be an amazing singer/songwriter, and has agreed to perform to help Denae raise her last chunk of money needed for Team in Training.

In under 60 days, Denae will embark on her journey, running BOTH the San Francisco Half and the New York City Marathon. I have been unbelievably overwhelmed and impressed by her determination in training these past months, and inspired by her seemingly endless pursuit. Team in Training has clearly been a huge driving force in Denae’s accomplishments, and continues to be what pushes her further and further.

As Denae reaches the final stretch in her training, she is also reaching the end of her fundraising. The $20 admission will be going directly into Denae’s Team in Training fund, and will get you a BYOB night of songs and light snacks (sorry, this is not the usual Bard-alicious food/wine/sangria/cerveza event — the goal here is to make money not spend it, people!).

Thursday, September 28th @ 7:30
Denae Bard’s Apartment
RSVP + Details:

Smokey Junglefrog used to play house parties all the time in college. Some of our best shows were beer-soaked dance-fests complete with shaking rafters, tequila shots, and bandmates falling down stairs. I’m not sure this show’s going to have quite that tenor, but it’ll be a good one. And given how often I play shows these days, you might wanna’ get it while the gettin’s good.

P.S. I’ll be recording the show for potential iTunes release. So if you come and clap real loud, you’ll be on the record.

P.P.S. Got a request? Email me. I’ll play it.

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