Greetings From The VMA Red Carpet

I’m holding down the fort at 1515 tonight, but I snuck over to Rockefeller Center an hour before the carpet opened. One word: chaos.

Thing about Rock Center — unlike Miami’s American Airlines Arena — is that it’s a functioning office complex with a tourist destination built in. It’s crawling with people on an average day. Throw in thre live broadcasts (MTV News’ Pre Show, The Video Musc Awards, Backstage Uncensored on MTV Overdrive), and you’ve got badge-wearing stage crew bumping into gown-wearing wannabes bumping into khaki-wearing Joe America on his way to Applebee’s.

It’s great.

The Pre Show begins in three minutes. I’m about to get swallowed up in all of it: news reports winners, red carpet photos, broadband video, podcasts, what have you. So If I don’t speak with you until sometime Friday afternoon (if at all), please, for the love of Pete, please, visit, click on an article, launch a photo flipbook, and let that baby autoplay for a few hours. Seriously. My bonus is commensurate with the MTV’s success.

P.S. That’s totally Kurt Loder over there on the top left of the MTV News Home Base. M’ man rules.

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