I keep forgetting to mention Buckeye!

You know my buddy Chris Abad, right? Excellent singer/songwriter. Has a new record called “The Starting Point.” Plays on my records sometimes. Stand-up guy. You know who I mean, right? We talk a lot. We hang out. We do stuff.

So I’m back in the office, like, fifteen minutes on Monday morning and I get an email from him. “Hey,” he says, “Wanna play a show together next month? Something different: maybe I play one, you play one?”

And I’m like, “Yeah, totally. Better yet, let’s start a new band. Write some new stuff. Play some covers. Game?”

Ends up, he is.

So we bandeed around a few names (Buckminster Fuller Overdrive was in the running) and arrived at Buckeye. Not because we’re huge Ohio State fans. I was thinking more in terms of buck teeth, or black eyes. So we roped in young drummer Ryan Vaughn, and long-time bassist Tony Macelli. And I emailed siger/keyboardist Leslie Sink. So now we have a new band!

And we have a show: Sunday, August 20th at Rockwood Music Hall.

So, what do we sound like? Three singers, two guitars, drums, bass and a keyboard. Otherwise, we don’t really know yet. I can tell you what I wanna cover: Oasis’ “Go Let It Out,” Dandy Warhols’ “Bohemian Like You,” Men At Work’s “Overkill.” I’m sure we’ll do some of our own songs (though I don’t want to do anything I’ve released on one of my records; just new stuff). But we’ll see. Whatever. I’m excited.

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